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About Us
Get Informed.  Take Actions.  Make an Impact.
After the November, 2016 elections, we found ourselves fearful but motivated to do something and get involved to make a difference. We searched for easy ways to know about the important issues in our country and ways to do something. We found this just was not simple to do.

We realized if we were having this much trouble, then so must other people so we started Spark Actions.

Spark Actions highlights daily the most important issues and why they matter and tells you how to take simple actions with impact.

The goal is to engage people every day on the workings on issues they should care about by making it EASY and even fun. We keep you updated on what’s important to know and how you can help. You also receive notifications on outcomes and can easily take actions with others!

Let's have some fun.

Spark Actions.  Entertaining Political Action.

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