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What is the State of the Union?

Well, at the moment, not good. Bad. Terrible, actually. (Haha, just kidding! Not really! Put down the Xanax!)

January is when we start hearing about the annual State of the Union address / America's favorite drinking game (keep an eye out for our forthcoming Bingo cards!) The SOTU is mandated by the constitution and is one of the most important speeches of the year for the President. It's generally used to introduce major policy programs and reinforce or change the the focus of government. This year, the State of the Union speech will take place on Tuesday, January 30th at 9pm EST.

And yeah, unfortunately this year the president/deliverer of the SOTU happens to be Monsieur Donald J. Spraytan himself so...come for the important political news, stay for the reality show!

What can I expect?

Well aside from Trump gassing himself up, there is plenty to see:

  • Trump has a history of struggling with the art of the handshake, and the SOTU is ground zero for handshake shenanigans. Senators and Representative will either dive into his path as he enters, hoping to get a handshake immortalized on C-SPAN, or dive away, hoping to avoid touching him. Here's Trump's 2017 Congressional address entrance. Here's one of Obama's.
  • Trump will highlight how much good work he's done by claiming wins in tax reform, the economy, and crackdown on immigration. Presidents at the SOTU are always talking about wins, even when there are none.
  • Trump will set out his plan for this year and will most likely include things such as repealing Obamacare and repealing regulations. All stuff we've heard before.
  • The President traditionally picks special guests to point to in the crowd, using random elderly voters or inspirational children as props to highlight their policies and goals.
  • The opposition party always picks someone to broadcast a response to the State of the Union (usually a young presidential wannabe). This was the site of Marco Rubio's infamous sip of water.