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Would you rather?

We've all played this game. Now it's time for the Spark Actions all-politics version. (click your answer for more fun) Here goes:

Question 1: Would you rather share a jail cell with Jared Kushner OR a hot tub with Steve Bannon?


Jail cell pros: Other inmates would be paying a lot more attention to Jared than to you. Also, he might share some of his kosher meals. Cons: The constant whimpering.


Hot tub pros: Really, nothing. Cons:

Choose wisely: Kushner or Bannon

Question 2: Would you rather sit through a meal at Mar A Lago, OR a cabinet meeting?


Mar A Lago pros: Okay, the food's probably not bad if you enjoy over-cooked meats in heavy sauces. Plus, we hear from Twitter that they have the "most beautiful" chocolate cake in the world and sometimes they even give away state secrets. Cons: Very wealthy white people in MAGA hats.


Cabinet meeting pros: Won't last long, since POTUS has to get back to Fox and Friends. Cons: You literally have to get on your knees and thank God for the existence of a man who's not Jesus. Bonus con: Very wealthy white people in MAGA hats.

Choose wisely: Mar A Lago or Cabinet

Question 3: Would you rather have Sarah Huckabee Sanders' job OR a job cleaning the White House toilets?


Sanders job pros: You never have to learn any facts or do any homework, and the position comes with a personal, taxpayer-funded stylist! Cons: The constant drag of having to clean up the president's messes. (Even we're not sure how literally that should be taken.)


Toilet job pros: Good benefits, government healthcare. Cons: same as above

Choose wisely: Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Toilet

Question 4: Would you rather eat what Trump eats every day OR eat what Roy Moore's horse eats every day?


Trump food pros: Let's face it, McDonald's fries don't suck. Cons: Your ass is huge.


Horse food pros: Roughage. Cons: Every day a Nazi rides you.

Choose wisely: Trump or Roy Moore