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In honor of President's Day, what are the powers of the president?

Duh, dumb question right?....


Ahem....*clears throat*

What if we just all review to make sure we're on the same page? Sound good?

First of all, who can be the President?
The Constitution only has three qualifications to be President - the President must be 35 years of age, be a natural born citizen (some controversy about this one), and must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years. Maybe we should think about adding more qualifications (#votesanity?).

How does the President get elected?
The president doesn't technically get voted in directly by the people. Each November of every fourth year, the people elect the members of the Electoral College and they, in turn, elect the president. There are currently 538 electors in the Electoral College - it's based on the combined number of U.S Senators and U.S Representatives.

How much does the President make?
The president makes $400,000 a year plus expense funds totalling over $1 million (in Trump's case, WAY over $1 million thanks to many taxpayer-funded vacations). Once they leave office, they get around $200,000 a year for life, as well as secret service protection, travel expenses, and around $100,000 in staff. Nice, right?

What exactly are the head honcho's powers?
The President is head of state, head of the government of the United States of America, and the Commander-in-Chief of the US armed forces. The powers of the office include:


  • Must sign any bill Congress comes up with into law to make it official
  • Power to veto any legislation (Congress can override this veto with a 2/3 vote)

War and Foreign Affairs:

  • Top authority on military policy, military direction, and the makeup of the military
  • Directs the foreign policy of the United States
  • Responsible for the protection of Americans abroad
  • Able to negotiate and form treaties with foreign nations
  • Responsible for appointing ambassadors
  • (Arguably) the leader of the free world


  • Technically the boss of about 4 million employees (eeeeek)
  • Appoints thousands of executive branch positions
  • Appoints cabinet secretaries such as Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense (these appointments must be confirmed by the Senate)
  • Appoints directors of federal agencies like the CIA, NSA and the FBI
  • Appoints the chairman of the Federal Reserve
  • Power to fire executive officials at will
  • Ability to issue executive orders (basically instructions to federal agencies on what to do)


  • Appoints justices to the Supreme Court and the US Courts of Appeals (these appointments must be confirmed by the Senate)
  • Ability to grant pardons and reprieves to people convicted to federal crimes
  • Ability to withhold documents from legal affairs if it would harm national security

Ew, work. Besides the money and cush house, is there anything extra fun about being President?

Obviously. The White House has its own gym, movie theater, and chef. Also, as POTUS, you get lots of hookups to new movies, games, TV, etc. Obama watched GoT before you did. Sasha got to have a birthday party ON THE HARRY POTTER SET. What a life!

And now....all these privileges belong to Monsieur Spray-tan Cheeto. Happy President's Day?