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What do most Americans agree on when it comes to gun control?

Despite our hundreds of mass shootings, Americans politicians often talk as if they can't act. After all, guns are just SO DIVISIVE, right? Putting stricter laws on the books is an impossible task!

Well, we call bullshit on those poor little helpless politicians and their millions of dollars in NRA money. Even if we don't take big actions, there are plenty of gun control measures Americans agree on. Here is how the country really feels about stricter gun control:

89% of Americans believe the mentally ill should be prevented from purchasing guns. This stat comes straight from a survey at the Pew Research Center that included owners and non-owners of guns. Unfortunately, we're working in the wrong direction -- Trump recently repealed an Obama-era rule barring certain mentally-ill people from purchasing guns.

77% of gun owners and 87% of non gun-owners believe we should close the "gun show loophole." Also frow Pew, surveys show that a vast majority of people believe that the loophole that allows people to purchase guns without background checks at gun shows and in private sales should be closed. What's the point of background checks if you can get around them?

8 in 10 voters believe we should do background checks on all gun sales. This number comes from POLITICO, and just makes good sense. Most mass shooters, after all, have a history of troubling behavior and violence.

83% of people believe that people on the FBI's no-fly list should not be allowed to buy guns. While this one is a little bit more controversial since the no-fly list sometimes uses discriminatory criteria, it's more proof that a majority of Americans believe some people can and should be kept from weapons.

83% of voters believe violent people should not be allowed to buy guns. POLITICO's polling shows that a massive majority of Americans want to prevent those convicted of violent misdemeanors from buying guns. Hear that, Congress?

79% of Americans want to ban the use of bump fire stocks. This is the device the Las Vegas shooter used to modify his weapons to fire hundreds of rounds, making it significantly more deadly.

WE AREN'T EVEN DONE. Here are a few more issues that America is "divided" on:

  • 77% want gun owners to store their guns in a safe storage unit
  • 76% want to create a national database for each gun sale
  • 76% want a three-day waiting period for gun purchases
  • 69% want to prohibit carrying guns at schools and on college campuses

Seems like this list includes PLENTY of actionable items, eh Congress? Why won't you act? Is there somebody more important than the will of your constituents, a vast majority of whom approve of these measures?

Oh, wait, we forgot! It's all about the money (aka the NRA). No wonder you have a lower approval rating than gonorrhea.