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Can you tell me more about this defamation suit against Trump?

Sure thing! Summer Zervos (amazing name) is a former "Apprentice" contestant that claims Donald Trump kissed and groped her without consent on a couple of occasions back in 2007. She, like many other women in her situation, spoke out about the experience in 2016, before the presidential election, but Trump denied the accusation and publicly called her a liar.

The statute of limitations for the assault case has passed, but Zervos isn't letting Trump off the hook - she's decided to sue him for defamation in New York State court instead. This is an unusual strategy, but kind of a genius one.

Why? Why is this different?

Defamation is defined as "the action of damaging the good reputation of someone" and Zervos claims Trump did just that by publicly accusing her of lying. The only way Trump can win the case is if he proves he wasn't lying when he said that she was lying, which will mean the sexual harassment accusations, none of which were ever litigated, will have to be part of the conversation. Zervos is using the defamation case as a workaround to bring the sexual assault back into the conversation. How the case proceeds could dictate if other women Trump's harassed or assaulted move forward.

What's happened so far?

Trump's lawyers have already filed a motion to dismiss the case, claiming that the president has immunity from lawsuits in state courts. Judge Schecter of the New York Supreme Court rejected Trump's lawyers' claims. According to Schecter, no one is above the law - that precedent was set in the sexaul harassmaent suit Paula Jones brought against President Clinton while he was still the Governor of Arkansas. Schecter ruled that a president can be sued in civil court based on his personal conduct before taking office, so Zervos' case will move forward and the President will have to battle these allegations in court.

Popcorn: ready.