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What is Trump doing when it comes to the environment?

Donald J Trump. Famously not an environment guy. Not sure why he hates Mother Nature so much (wait....maybe it's because her health sometimes get in the way of his wealthy friends and their $?) but during his time as president he's been passionate about doing everything he can to get on Ms. Nature's bad side. Here are just a few examples:

Announced plans for the US to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement

Citing that the Paris Climate Agreement isn't fair for the US (who cares if it's fair for rest of the planet!) Trump informed the United Nations of the United State's intention to withdraw back in June of last year. We had initially pledged to cut emissions by 26%-28% below 2005 levels by 2025. Luckily we cannot complete the process to withdraw until late 2020, and many localities have pledged to uphold the agreement. But, still! Dude. Why?

Approved both the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access pipelines

Obama, after slow (a.k.a. slowwwwww) consideration, blocked these pipelines in response to protests started by Native American Tribes whose land the pipeline would run through. One of the largest concerns was the potential for oil spills, and frankly that concern was justified. Just a couple days before the approval of the Keystone XL, the Keystone Pipeline leaked 210,000 gallons of oil.

Proposed the repeal of the Clean Power Plan

This plan sets a limit on carbon emissions from existing coal and gas fired power plant. This sounds like a pretty reasonable plan due to the mounting evidence that climate change is caused by carbon emissions. But since Trump hates all reasonable things and needs to deliver something to the dying coal industry for their support of his campaign, he issued an executive order last March ordering the E.P.A to re-evaluate the plan. The department is now going over a rule that would replace the plan.

Proposed reopening nearly all U.S waters for oil and gas drilling

As if the fossil fuel industry needed any more fuel to destroy the environment. Trump and his peeps are planning to revise a five-year offshore oil and gas leasing plan finalized by Obama. Obama's plan put 94% of the Outer Continental Shelf off limits to drilling but the revisions would open up over 90% of this area. Many states are fighting to prevent this. (Maybe that's because many of these impacted states have a history of oil spills in their water.)

Overturned a Clinton-era rule designed to regulate industrial polluters

The E.P.A issued new guidance over this older regulation that was designed to regulate major polluters. The regulation forced factories that released airborne pollutants above a set threshold to install technologies that reduced pollution to the lowest possible levels. They were then also required to keep the technology in place even once the airborne pollution dropped below the threshold level. This new guidance by the E.P.A overturns this requirement. Blargh.

If you think this is the full list, think again. "Here are 62 other ways Trump is hurting Mother Nature. Happy belated Earth Day, everyone!