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What's going on right now with Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education?

Betsy's time as the United States Secretary of Education has been nothing short of a disaster. Looking for proof? This clip of the 60 Minute interview where she fails to answer some basic questions sums it all up.

But even though we're all hip to her agenda of destroying public schools, disrespecting teachers, and supporting student debt collectors, she still has some tricks up her sleeve. Her latest target? The Education Department's Office of Civil Rights (OCR). They're tasked with investigating claims of civil rights abuses in schools.

So what is she doing to them? Cutting the funding? Firing staff? Making them move to the office in the basement?

Worse. Under Devos, the OCR has instituted a policy that allows them to dismiss claims regarding student civil rights violations if they are filed by someone who OCR believes has filed too many claims. They are also dismissing claims filed against multiple recipients.

What does that mean in practice and why are they doing it?

The provision cites "unreasonable burden" as the reason for this change, but essentially under this new policy, students or their representatives will not be able to file multiple claims if their civil rights are violated multiple times because then all the claims will be dismissed. Additionally, only one person at a time can take the blame for violating a student's civil rights That's just the way it is. WE'RE IN BETSY'S HOUSE NOW.

The logic here is severely flawed but to be fair, logic isn't Betsy's strong suit.

How many cases has this affected?

This provision started just last month and it has already led to more than 500 disability rights complaints being dismissed. Wow! Fast work!

Of course, Betsy hasn't historically been much of a supporter of students with disabilities anyway. In October the department rescinded 72 documents that outlined the ways in which schools should adhere to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and the Rehabilitation Act. This made it harder for schools to know what their obligations are to support students with disabilities.

In summary?

She's evil and people's civil rights are being dismissed!