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What's going on with Net Neutrality again?

The Senate has forced a vote to restore net neutrality this week. Specifically, they are going to vote on a new resolution to restore the 2015 Open Internet Order. 33 Democratic Senators submitted a discharge petition under the Congressional Review Act.

Woah, woah, ok, what the hell the Congressional Review Act (CRA)?

It's an act from 1996 that gives Congress the power to reverse any federal regulation by a resolution of disapproval within 60 legislative days of introduction. So this means that a Congressional majority can undo any rules set by the President. A CRA block prevents it from any future consideration. The Republicans have used this method during the Obama administration and now Democrats are going to try to reverse Ajit Pai's decision.

Wait don't the Republicans control the house? How can the Democrats pull this off?

Yes, Congres is a Republican majority and it's almost impossible to get a bill passed without majority support. But the CRA motion isn't really a bill, so the rules are different. Senators can force a vote by submitting a petition that's signed by only 30 members, which this motion already has. 50 senators have already come out in support of it, so only one more vote is needed for it to pass.

Then what?

If it passes in the Senate, then it goes to the house. That's where things get a little harder because it requires a full majority of representatives for the support. Assuming that the resolution gets total Democratic support, they still need 25 Republican votes. Even though 80% of Americans support keeping the 2015 Open Internet Order, Republicans don't have a good record of voting against their party for the betterment of the country. Go figures, right?!

What about Trump?

If the CRA makes it through Congress, Trump has to sign the resolution for it to take effect. The only way to get this resolution passed is if we put the pressure on our reps and on Trump.