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The Upside of Turncoats

When we were kids, we were always taught to look at the bright side. In this day and age that's been a little hard to do, but here's a small sliver of hope for November 2018. The absurdity of our current President as well as the inability of the Republican Congress to keep him in check has caused many Republicans to reconsider their life choices, and now many Republicans are going all in for the Democrats in this year's midterms. Several of those are high profile GOP establishment figures with either the moolah or media access to bolster their message. Below are some of the key GOP turncoats.

Michael Bloomberg

  • The billionaire former mayor of New York is a career party switcher - he's been a Republican, a Democrat, and an Independent that has supported both Republican and Democratic candidates.
  • This year, he's throwing a casual $80 million behind Democratic candidates.
  • For some perspective, that's more than 2x the amount that Sheldon Adelson, a gambling magnate and major Republican donor, donated this year.

George Will

  • A longtime conservative political commentator who just left the Republican Party to the surprise of many.
  • He went in on Republicans in his Washington Post article, "Vote against the GOP this November."
  • Will argues that the congressional Republican Caucuses must be substantially reduced so their powers will be stripped.
  • He writes that Paul Ryan traded his political SOUL for a tax cut (and this from a guy who loves nothing more than a nonsense tax cut). Roasted.

Steve Schmidt

  • Schmidt was a senior advisor to the presidential campaign of John McCain and is a frequent Republican pundit on TV.
  • He broke up with the Republican party after 30 years, appropriately, over Twitter, calling it the party of Trump. Yikes.
  • He then called the party "indecent and immoral" and full of "feckless cowards." Double yikes.