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Would You Rather: Civility Edition

With all the animosity between left and right these days, some are calling for liberals to find common ground, break bread, engage in civil discourse and play nice. With that in mind, welcome to "Would You Rather: Civility Edition."

Question 1: Go out to dinner with Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Stephen Miller?

sarah huckabee sanders

Pros: One has to believe that once she has a couple of white zins, she starts talking trash about her boss.

Cons: Very hard to find a place that will serve her, so you may never get this meal.

stephen miller

Pros: Very hard to find a place that will serve him, so thankfully you may never have to have this meal.

Cons: One has to believe that once he has a couple of white zins, he gets even more racist.

Question 2: Take a cross-country road trip with Sean Hannity or Ted Nugent?

sean hannity

Pros: You may be able to get him to stop talking about how smart Donald Trump is if you suggest listening to a book on tape instead.

Cons: You will definitely be listening to Atlas Shrugged on tape.

ted nugent

Pros: You will average 120 mph, blow through every traffic light, have all the cocaine you can handle, and every state trooper who pulls you over will let you off and ask for a selfie.

Cons: You will listen to Atlas Shrugged on tape so loud and so many times, you will be begging for Wango Tango.

Question 3: Share an ice cold Coke with Donald Trump or ICE?


Pros: Plain and simple, it's hilarious to watch him drink. As a bonus pro, there's no way he'll share, so you won't have to swap spit or anything.

Cons: You're buying both Cokes and he's suing you for laughing at how he drinks.


Pros: You're not with Trump.

Cons: Every time your waiter comes to the table, ICE will embarrass you by tackling him and jailing him indefinitely without due process.

Question 4: Smoke a joint with Mitch McConnell or Mike Pence?

mitch mcconnell

Pros: He will giggle uncontrollably, and be warned, it's infectious.

Cons: When he stops giggling, he'll say why he was giggling, and it's Gorsuch.

mike pence

Pros: He will not smoke your weed.

Cons: He will have you arrested and jailed indefinitely without due process.