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Here are the winners!!

What an exciting voting day it was. These are the big winners from yesterday.

Senator - Dianne Feinstein


  • Won her bid for possibly her 6th term with 44% of the votes
  • Will run against fellow Democrat Kevin de Leon in the midterms

Governor - Gavin Newsom


  • Will run against John Cox, a Republican businessman backed by President Trump, in the midterms
  • Newsom's current platform includes government-run, universal health care, full-service community schools open every day and a state bank to finance infrastructure, small business and the marijuana industry he helped legitimize

Lieutenant Governor - Eleni Kounalakis


  • Will run in a tight race against Democrat Ed Hernandez
  • Kounalakis' platforms range from increasing affordable housing and college to universal broadband

Attorney General -Xavier Becerra


  • Will be defending his position against Republican Steven Bailey
  • Bacerra is the first Latino to hold the office in state history
  • Becarra has taken the Trump Administration to court to defend the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA).

Democrats were targeting 7 Republican-held House seats in districts that were carried by Hillary Clinton in 2016. Many were afraid of a possible Democratic shut out due to the number of candidates and the CA jungle primary system. Happy to report that there will be a Democrat competing in every district in the general election in November.

10th Congressional District: Josh Harder


  • Will face Republican incumbent Jeff Denham in November
  • Considered one of the most competitive races that's going to happen in the midterms

21st Congressional District: TJ Cox


  • Will face Republican incumbent David Valadao in November
  • He's an engineer and businessman
  • Main priorities are healthcare and immigration

25th Congressional District: Katie Hill


  • Youngest candidate in the race
  • Runs a homeless service non-profit
  • Will challenge Republican incumbent Steve Knight in the midterms

39th Congressional District: Gil Cisneros


  • He is a Navy veteran and a philanthropist
  • Will face Republican Young Kim in the midterms

45th Congressional District: Katie Porter


  • Prominent consumer advocate lawyer and UC Irvine professor
  • Was classmates with Elizabeth Warren at Harvard Law School
  • Will challenge Republican incumbent Mimi Walters in November

48th Congressional District: Harley Rouda


  • He has an M.B.A. and a J.D.
  • Harley has been involved in fighting homelessness, domestic violence, and human rights offenders
  • Will face Republican incumbent Dana Rohrabacher in the midterms

49th Congressional District: Mike Levin


  • Clean energy advocate and environmental attorney
  • Supports a clean DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform
  • Will face Republican Diane Harkey in the midterms

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