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The Trump Presidency in 10 Photos

Remember that photo of Barack Obama leaning down to let a young boy touch his hair and see that it was the same as his? (ALL THE FEELS!) Sometimes a photo just perfectly encapsulates what words can't adequately express.

And while many a presidency has had these moments (Clinton on sax, anyone?), few have offered them up with the regularity of the Trump administration, which has taken the art of symbolic photography to new, more embarrassing heights. Sir Cheeto is a TV star, after all, and image is everything in Hollywood. And boy has he made some interesting image choices. So, let's take a look at 10 times Donald Trump accidentally symbolized everything that's gone wrong with his presidency in one glorious (terrifying) photo.

Trump baseball bat

1. In a symbolic sense, Trump has taken a baseball bat to all that the Oval Office is and represents. He's also done it literally.

Trump bunny

2. Sometimes when he's talking you get the sense that Don's not in on the joke. But that the joke is also not funny and will potentially destroy us. (Are we the only who can see that bunny in glasses?)

Trump Shinzo

3. Yeah, Shinzo, that's how we all feel about him too. The technical term is "cooties."

Trump deal

4. When your president is a self-proclaimed successful businessman and master negotiator but can't even negotiate your way out of this handshake.

Trump Merkel

5. That toddler life. #TTL

Trump Clinton

6. Sometimes, when pussy grabbing is off the table, our fair prez likes to just lurk behind the women who scare him and make faces while they attempt to wield coherent thoughts into a microphone.


7. Sometimes you're faced with a simple decision, and despite your careful planning, you make the wrong choice. America did it in 2016, then Donald Trump did it when trying to decide how to drink this bottle of water. Has he literally never raised water to his mouth before?

Trump paper towel

8. This one roll of paper towels should clean up the hurricane Maria damage, right? Why aren't people thanking me for this one roll of paper towels? Do Puerto Ricans not realize how generous I'm being?

John Kelly

9. Yeah, John Kelly, you did knowingly put yourself (and America) in this situation. And yeah, it's pretty disheartening.

Trump hugging flag

10. What's the difference between hugging and smothering?

BONUS PHOTOS: These speak for themselves