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The Secretary of (non?) Education and Title IX

It's the rule we hear when people talk about women's sports and trans bathrooms, but it's actually much broader than football and toilets.

  • Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal law that covers all kinds of gender-based discrimination including issues relating to sexual assault.
  • That's an important point because US Secretary of (non?) Education Betsy DeVos announced her plan to change the sexual assault guidelines under Title IX and all hell broke loose.
  • The guidelines were part of an Obama-era "Dear Colleague" letter written in 2011 amid a spate of sexual assault scandals on college campuses and includes best practices for dealing with rape and assault allegations.
  • For now, DeVos hasn't said how she plans to change these guidelines and claims she will continue to enforce Title IX as written. She has, however, started the process to come up with new sexual assault guidelines. It may take months, or even years and there's no rule that she can't lead her department to improve on what Obama laid out. The problem is, based on her record, she probably won't.