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Call to Support the Dreamers

Are you a good person? We like to think so. Let your reps know that you, a good person who wants other people and America to thrive, support DACA and the undocumented youth it protects.
  • WHY:

    Congress just passed a budget to keep the government open until March 23rd. What they forgot to include was protections for the DREAMers. Now the DREAMers are in a dire situation as they face deportation on March 5th. Now is the time pressure your representatives to pass a DREAM Act..


  • "Hello, my name is (Name) . I'm a constituent from (State), (zip code).
  • I strongly support passing a clean DREAM Act.
  • I encourage the Congressman/Senator to demand this and do all in their power to get it done.
  • Thank you for your hard work!"